Top 15 heist movies​ of all time 

Ready to be thrown out of your seats? You should be. Giggles! In this list we will be talking about the smart, the clever, the badass robbery movies of all time. We are talking about money, diamonds, paintings​ being stolen which is of unimaginable worth. Without further adieu, let’s take a dip into these most adrenaline rush movies. 

#15. BLUE STREAK (1999) 

This comdey/action filled movie will sure leave you screaming in laughter. A thief disguised as a detective who is out to retrieve his diamond, who he hides in the police headquarters and ends up investigating real burglaries. 

#14. GONE IN 60 SECONDS (2000) 

Talk about stealing badass cars in 72 hours. Yes! This movie is filled with cars, stolen one by one tactfully. Nicholas Cage, with his crew sets out to steal whopping 50 expensive cars in order to save his brother’s​ life. 

This action filled movie stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, who teams up to stop Simon who is putting bombs all over New York and in the event stealing  billion dollars worth of gold by distracting them. 
#12. THE BANK JOB (2008) 

The British Royal Family’s​ image is in danger. Jason Statham and his crew is offered to rob a bank, to steal the possessions​ of a crime lord who has compromising photos of the Royal Princess. Little did he know, what he has stepped into. 


 What do you do when you are a millionaire and you can buy all the stuffs, you get bored! Thomas Crown, a millionaire who gets bored of getting things easily, start stealing priceless paintings and falls for an investigator, Catherine. 

#10) POINT BREAK (1991) 

This adrenaline rush movie is about a detective (Keanu Reeves) who is out to catch a gang of surfers who steals disguising themselves as the Ex Presidents​. He is charmed by their leader after infiltrating their gang and ends up committing robbery. 

#9. THE SCORE (2001) 

A master safe cracker, Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) on the verge of retirement is asked by Max to do his final heist, stealing a French Spectre. He is joined by Jack Teller (Edward Norton) and together succesfully steals the French Spectre. But Jack double-crosses Nick and took the spectre for himself. 

#8. THE LOOKOUT (2007)

Chris Pratt, an athlete suffers from anterograde amnesia, after surviving a fatal accident. He is seduced and forced to rob the bank he works for by his high school friend. Things go awry when he bails out at the last moment but is held on gunpoint to commit the crime. 

#7. OCEAN’S ELEVEN (2001)

This movie is a notable one, when it comes to pulling​ off an almost impossible robbery in Las Vegas. Danny Ocean hired some of the most expert artists, 10 of them to pull off a robbery, robbing three casinos owned by Terry Benedict, a mogul who has also stole Danny’s girlfriend. 

#6. BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967) 

Bonnie and Clyde, the first film of New Hollywood Era, is about an ex con artist and waitress who falls in love and start stealing together recruiting their own family members into the job. They didn’t survive long as they were ruthlessly killed on the run. 

#5. TRANCE (2013) 

An art auctioneer (James McAvoy) is tortured by a ruthless gang, to recover their painting who he helps to steal for them. He ends up visiting a hypnotherapist who helps him to remember but as he is treated, his past comes back to haunt him. 

#4.  THE TOWN (2010)  

A group of theives who rob a bank, and is successful takes the manager as a hostage. They release the hostage but one of the member, Doug falls for the manager and they soon begin an affair. Soon a game begins and Doug has to make a choice​ between his love and his life. 

#3. HEAT (1995) 

A detective (Robert De Niro), is hell bent to catch a professional theif (Al Pacino). After a failed robbery, Pacino decides​ to pull off one last robbery and settle down. Both men talk about their respective life over coffee and decides to go extreme to stop each other. 

#2. INSIDE MAN (2006) 

This movie is simply brilliant. Russell and his crew, masterminds the perfect robbery in the country. They rob a bank and take the people as hostages. While detectives Keith  Frazier and Bill Mitchell tries to negotiate with Russell, where Russell tells him this is not just about the money. The detectives, upon release of the hostages interrogate them and none of them could identify the robbers. Upon investigation nothing seems to be stolen from the bank and he is asked to drop the case. But he is more intrigued and begins his own investigation. 


Sonny, a rookie with the help of his friend tries to rob a near by bank to pay off his lover’s sex exchange procedure.Their robbery goes awry and they invite unnecessary attention towards themselves and tries everything on an attempt to escape. They try to escape with the hostages and results in one of them being shot and other arrested. 

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