Top 25 Mind Fuck Movies of All Time

Before we begin with this list, let me warn all your reader out there that if you are looking for beautiful romantic movies which involve love passion and a happy ending, you should not even bother reading this post any further. The movies that have been mentioned here are those that are completely going to […]

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25 Best World War II Movies You Got to Watch! 

 World War II was the epitome of how human can go against his own species performing heinous crime, mass execution and what not! Countless films were made and will be made to depict the war, giving us a glimpse of the horrors and great survival stories. In this section, we have handpicked some of the […]

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Rebirth Movie on Netflix Review (Explained)

“F— the Man,” “Keep It Real” and “Don’t Be Boring” Three regulations are written in college help convince a man to leave his monotonous routine to find his true self and break away from all responsibilities. He goes for a mysterious weekend event called Rebirth. He experiences a different world free from all ties but […]

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Highly Anticipated Movies to Watch this October!

With Halloween just around the corner, October has much thrills and screams ready for you. Wait, Jigsaw is coming. Aren’t you excited? You may also get some cool inspirations​ for your Halloween​ costumes. So here is a list of highly anticipated movies this Halloween season.  October 6th  #1. BLADE RUNNER 2049  Genre : Action/Sci-fi/Sequel A […]

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Well classic​s are always so good, right? A countdown of​ some of the best suspense thrillers.   Spoiler Alert : If you are a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock, you will be very pleased with the list.   #15. REBECCA  (1940)  A psychological drama directed by Alfred Hitchcock, also an adaptation of the novel by the same […]

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