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Well classic​s are always so good, right? A countdown of​ some of the best suspense thrillers.   Spoiler Alert : If you are a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock, you will be very pleased with the list.   #15. REBECCA  (1940)  A psychological drama directed by Alfred Hitchcock, also an adaptation of the novel by the same […]

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Suspense Movies to watch this September!

Suspense movies are always so good. Not all of them make it to be critically acclaimed but, hey they are still trying. Here in this section we will be providing you with a list of movies that are not going to make it to Nationwide release but they seem to have strong storyline so give […]

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Top 10 Genius Movies You Must Watch!

Genius equals to freak. Get ready to feel dumb by these genius movies that will blow your mind and make you feel miserable Big Time. Sorry, can’t help it. Giggles! #10 LUCY (2014) Director : Lucc Besson Cast : Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman. Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) living in Taiwan, is tricked by her boyfriend to work […]

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