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15 Best Movies like “American Pie”

I have to admit my first adult comedy film was in fact American Pie, but it was the last of the series, American Pie: Reunion, and then later on i completed the whole effing series. It’s one of my favorite and i never get bored watching it over and over again. If you still haven’t […]

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15 Best Movies like “The Notebook”

The Notebook, even before making us cry by its adaptation into a movie made our hearts break by its beautiful story. The Notebook, came out to the theaters in 2004 and had the same impact on us like the book. With its beautiful story and powerful performances from Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams the film […]

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17 Movies like John Wick

John Wick, Oh how can you resist the charismatic, bold acting of Keane Reeves. Honestly if you have watch the movie, don’t you think the script is a little ridiculous, all these trouble and hassle for a dog, who dies (I’m sorry) who was a gift from his late wife, but hey don’t get offended. […]

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Best Movies to Watch in April 2018

Ahh!! Summer is already here.. I can already feel the heat and it’s bad, terrible actually. So I have curated a movie list escpecially for you guys (just like every other month), so you can go grab your popcorns, your soft drinks whatever you like and cool off the heat with your favorite actors/actresses up […]

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15 Best Movies like Call Me by Your Name

With Moonlight breaking the stereotypes related to LGBT and giving a closer look to how the gay people suffer immensely when it comes to self embracing, socie tal norms, finding a partner who would loved them for who they are. Most recent LGBT movie that had a huge impact is by Luca Guadagnino ‘Call Me […]

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