ShowBox App Download – Show Box Free Movies & TV Shows

Ask us what we love most, other than having the basic stuff — you know, food, sleep and the protection of a roof? Well, we won’t take more than a second to say ‘Movies’. We weren’t born to be movie-freaks, but evolved to be some. It’s now a situation that we cannot move a day without really watching at least a film, from any of the favourite genres. However, one point had always withheld us from jumping into the world of films and it’s that we had to pay money to watch films that we loved.

Either we had to go to the theatres or purchase some subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. It was in such a confusion situation that we came across ShowBox. We were just mind-blown by the service that we thought of leaving all the other apps/services we had been using until then. What ShowBox for Android offered was something so simple — Free Movies.

Well, that sounds exciting, right? We had the same excitement when some of our friends recommended this free movies app for Android smartphones and tablet PCs. Of course, we were dubious at first, because we had tried some free apps, which turned out to be useless. But, with ShowBox installed in our devices, we were something so much awesome. We’d never — not at least once in the course of usage — thought of uninstalling this app.

After using it for more than a year, it does not take much time for us to call ShowBox one of the best, free and effective ways to watch movies without possible glitches. However, recently, we had seen some users asking for ShowBox APK Downloads and some in-depth reviews for the same. So, we decided to come up with an in-depth ShowBox for Android Guide.

In this guide, we will take care of many possible aspects. Before we guide you through installation and all, we can have an in-depth, comprehensive yet easy-to-understand review of this free-movies app. It needs to be noted that we are having a full review of Show Box App for Android, and not for other platforms. It’s a matter of fact that you can have almost same quality experience regardless whether you are on Android, iOS, PC or via some streaming solutions like Chromecast.

What is ShowBox?

If you need a simple answer, ShowBox is a free Android App for watching Full-length Movies and TV Series. If you need an elaborative answer, though, we have another one. ShowBox presents an unprecedented collection of feature films as well as TV Series content, available for completely free. The service is available through dedicated app for Android smartphones and tablet PCs. What’s more, if you have an Android TV or Chromecast at your home, you can bring this streaming service to bigger screens as well.

ShowBox Download

As to the question what you can do with ShowBox, the answer is simple. You can stream or download the movies/series you want — just with the help of an internet connection. Stuffed with the best-in-class collection from almost all possible film/TV Series genres, ShowBox has been our ultimate destination for video content for the past year. For one, we hate to transfer our favourite content to smartphone on a regular basis. And, we are not interested in paying a huge amount for Amazon or Netflix for the streaming options. It’s when ShowBox APK Downloads came in handy.

We installed this application in all the Android devices we had! If that sounds unbelievable, you should see how much time we spend every day, watching films and unwinding movie marathons. So, we were up and running in no time. Best part of all these is the fact that we had an unlimited internet connection with us, with the standard speeds. As of now, it does not matter whether we are on a train or sitting on the couch; we have the smartphone or tablet PC in our hand, with the ShowBox app running on it.

This is pretty much the introduction we can give about the ShowBox App for Android.

Availability— We’ve ShowBox APK for Android

If you are concerned about multi-platform support, ShowBox is available for Android devices only. But don’t worry — you have an option to get the same application in another name if you are having an iOS device like iPhone or iPad. Plus, if you got a Chromecast or an Android TV device at your disposal, you can stream the favourite content via them too. We hope that’s some of the standard compatibility factors you will be concerned about. Now, let’s have a look on how you will be able to install ShowBox on your Android device and get started with the largest library of free movies and TV Series. You may have to take some extra effort, but take our word for that, you will NEVER REGRET anything.

Coming to the availability in Android, ShowBox isn’t available in Google Play Store. You can know the possible reasons too. First of all, the app is offering films, free of cost, which does not go well with Google’s copyright laws and protection. That having said, don’t worry about installation — because we have the help of ShowBox APK files and downloads for Android.

It’s worth noting that the official developers of ShowBox launches all the required updates on time and make them just available for Android devices. Instead of downloading them via Google Play Store, you can get the APK file from the trusted source and move on with the installation. If you are confused about the installation process, don’t worry. Later in article, we will guide you through the step-by-step installation process of ShowBox for Android. Since we can also bring you the ShowBox download links and useful resources, you won’t have trouble in getting started with the service via Android.

Considering these points, we really think that ShowBox for Android Compatibility is something cool. You can have the best service in all the possible smart platforms, which is a good news for movie lovers. Now, we will move onto other aspects in this ShowBox Review.

How’s Does It Feel to Use Show Box?

We must say that ShowBox is one of the simplest Android apps we have ever come across. Such simple is its usability and UI is that you will never want to go back. We will share our experience with Show Box for Android. As mentioned, we have been using the application for more than a few months, which is pretty much the sufficient time for judging its aspects of importance. At the end of the day, though, we have nothing to complain.

- It Doesn’t Require Accounts

One thing to be noted about the ShowBox service is that you don’t need an account for operating it. It’s on contrary with most of the movie and content-streaming services you can find in the market. However, for those who don’t need all the benefits of personalized collection but can select the movies by their own, this is pretty much the time-saver for sure. In a time of less than a minute, you will be up and running with ShowBox for Android, which is a great perk for sure. All you have to do is to do the ShowBox installation in the right manner. We are sure, you can get it done in less than a minute, if you are following our own guides for the purpose. Once you are done with the installation — don’t worry folks. We have an entire section for installation tutorial.

- An Easy User Interface

Okay. Now that you have installed, you can see the complete interface of the ShowBox app. There may be small kinds of differences depending on the version of ShowBox App you are using. Even then, basic things are exactly the same. There are different tabs you can access from the Sidebar — Movies, TV Series, News, Updates etc. All these are useful for the movie-freak at one point or another. In addition, there is a search button that lets you find the movie /TV Series you want to watch right now. On the other hand, if you are planning to find the best film according to release date and genre, there is the filtering options. It does not matter which method you are going for; the app will be user-friendly at every aspect. This is what we loved about navigation and searches.

ShowBox Film Category

- Easy Navigation

Once you are in the individual page for movies, there are different options too. These are apart from the options for Play and Download. For instance, you will be able to find the basic information about the movie or TV Series. For instance, you will find a small synopsis of the desired film, and details about the category. The best part is that Show Box can suggest a few films in the same category, at the end of the page. In addition, there are options to mark the movie/TV Series episode as a Favourite. Alternatively, you can share the film details right from the application. if your friends have the Show Box app downloaded and installed, they can access the film right away.

This is everything you should know about the usability of Show Box for Android. As you just saw, there aren’t many tough steps or anything. Everything is quite easier from the installation to streaming if you have got the right ShowBox APK file and installation process with you. Now, we hope you have a clear idea about the functioning and usability of the service. So, to go on further, we will check out the noticeable features of ShowBox we had loved.

Notable Features We Loved in ShowBox

If you ask us, following reasons are what make ShowBox something unique as a free movie-streaming app. Without further ado, we will check out the notable features of ShowBox.

- It’s Completely Free

As we mentioned earlier, Show Box for Android is completely free to use. Well, there are something different than most of the so-called free movie apps out there. In light of our experience with the app, we can say that it’s completely free to use — regardless what you are planning to watch, be it a full-length movie or the favourite episode from a latest Series. It works well from every aspect. You don’t have to expect any hidden charges or anything following the purchase. In other words, when you install ShowBox in your phone, you are installing a huge-enough collection of ShowBox Movies as well. This is cool for every movie-bluff out there. In a single installation, you are getting out of subscription fees, theatre charges and all.

- Uncompromised Quality

High Definition has become the necessity for watching a film with quality. With ShowBox, you don’t have to worry about that either. Every selection from ShowBox Movies is available in 720p HD Quality. We were amazed to find that even some old films are available in the same quality. As a matter of fact, we were not able to find those films in HD print. That having said, ShowBox Developers have taken into consideration those who don’t have a faster internet connection as well. That is why you can play the films in 360p or 480p. You should also check the resolution of your mobile-phone screen before you choose the playback quality. In most cases, you don’t need 720p for seamless movie-watching.

ShowBox Quality

- Subtitle Support

Finding the right subtitles can be a problem for most people, especially if you are watching some non-popular films. This is where ShowBox becomes a lot more different, through the feature of in-built Subtitle support. It works with the in-built integration with Open Subtitles — which is a popular and trusted solution for downloading and using Film subtitles. All the ShowBox Movie titles are powered by such subtitles. All you have to do is to select the desired language. In most the films, we find subtitles in languages like English, Greek, Romanian, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish, English, French, Russian, Italian, Finnish etc. This helps you find the movie without fearing about the availability of corresponding subtitles. We really love this feature and use it very often.

ShowBox Subtitle Support

- Regular Updates

There is no point in having a film after 1 year of its release. This is what happens with most cases of free movie apps. By that particular time period, you would have watched the films, at least through your local TV Subscription. If you love to have another scenario, that’s a good reason to go for Show Box App for Android, because regular updates are available for both films and TV Series content. You can expect new movies after a few weeks of their release, which is a great thing. And, we found the case to be better when we come to TV Series. What you can do is to keep track of your favourite TV Series and the newer seasons and episodes will be automatically updated upon the availability. In the meantime, you can set back and enjoy the show.

- Offline Support

Offline support of ShowBox Movies works different than the YouTube Offline or some other fake features. Once you press the download button in the ShowBox interface, the entire movie will be downloaded and stored in the local device storage. You can track the progress in the ‘Downloads’ tab if you want to. Once that has been downloaded, you can watch the film or TV Series episode at any time you work. We have been using this feature whenever we wanted to watch a TV Series back to back. We would store all the episodes in our storage space and access them when required. Needless to say, it’s a great thing for those who love movies a lot.

ShowBox Movie Streaming

- Playback Options

There is something that makes ShowBox for Android something unique. And that’s the availability of same content in two or more locations. So, if you are not able to watch the movie from a particular server, you can simply change and continue the show smoothly. We were able to find at least one working server for all the movies we have watched using this free app. What’s more, ShowBox supports different Android players as well, for streaming and downloaded-content playback.

ShowBox PlayBack Options

While these are the noticeable major features of Show Box App, there are some miscellaneous features too. For instance, we hope we talked about the integrated sharing options. When you want your friend to watch an awesome ShowBox film in the application, you can directly send the link via Facebook, Text Message, WhatsApp or even your email. Similarly, the filtering option for finding movies is an impressive feature. We had no trouble in finding the desired movie or TV series in a single search or a few selection of categories.

All these features are apart from the huge-enough collection of ShowBox Movies, which, we think, needs special attention. We will cover a detailed section for ShowBox APK and Movie Collection in the later portion of the article. Now, we think these features are something superb as long as you are paying nothing for the service, or the movie purchases.

Installing ShowBox APK and Getting Started

Before We Begin

Above, we mentioned that ShowBox isn’t available in Google Play Store, due to those annoying copyright stuff. They don’t seem to understand the fact that movies are supposed to be free, at least after some time. Let’s keep all those things bit away for now. Thanks to the passionate developers of the app, you can get the right ShowBox APK file and move forward with the installation process. That having said, you should be careful enough to choose the appropriate version of Show Box from the later sections. This is important because you need a smooth movie-watching experience ahead and do not need much of bugs to counter you. If this is okay for you and if you have found the file for you, we will move on to detailed steps for ShowBox installation.

Step One

This is not really an installation step, but a method for smooth functioning. In case if you have not installed applications via APK files before, you may not know about this. So, Android OS has an in-built feature for extra safety. It considers Play Store as the only source of trusted apps, because Google Play has some strong methods for virus-scanning and all. So, by default, when you try to install apps via APK, it won’t work. To prevent this, you have to make a small step. It needs to be noted that the method may change according to the smartphone or tablet you are using, as well as the manufacturer.

Anyway, as the basic stuff, you can go to Settings and get into the Security sub-category. This will be common for almost all the Android devices. If you are running the latest version, you can perform a search while you are in the Settings page.

Enable Unknown Sources

Once you are in the ‘Security’ page, look for an option that is named ‘Allow Unknown Sources’. Unknown sources, here, mean APK downloads made from anything other than Google Play Store. Just tick the option and go back to where you’re doing other stuff.

Step Two

We hope you have downloaded the appropriate ShowBox APK file from the abovementioned sources. If you haven’t done it, you can perform the download and store the particular APK file in a location of convenience. It’s just that you must be able to access it quickly.

In case if you are downloading it via PC, you can simply transfer the file into phone’s root storage or any other folder. Now that you have downloaded/copied the file, you have to open the APK file.

Step Three

Upon opening the ShowBox APK file, you can see a screen like the following image. As you can see, there is the ShowBox icon and some details. If you want, you can have a look at the options.

ShowBox Installation

For instance, see what all permissions are required by ShowBox for Android to run. This is cool like a breeze, because the app is not going to take up your personal information or anything in the course of usage. It’s our word for that.

So, now, you can tap the ‘Install’ button to go forward with the installation process.

Step Four

Wait a few seconds until ShowBox for Android is completely installed via the APK mode. If you have a slower device, it will take up to a minute or something.

Once the installation is done, you are all set to use this wonderful application for your day-to-day movie-watching needs. We really loved the installation because it took us only a few seconds in total, for downloading and installation. We really recommend downloading the appropriate version — depending on compatibility and requirement of features — from one of the abovementioned download links. This way, you can be sure about the features you are getting. We will list down a few notable differences between all these versions in the upcoming part.

Altogether, we think it’s super-easy to install ShowBox APK on your Android device. This works like a charm and you don’t have to be an expert for doing this either. We hope that’s all good to go.

Download ShowBox — Different Versions

As we mentioned earlier, different versions of ShowBox APK is available in the World Wide Web. You should be aware of the possible differences before you make the selection. There is something different here, when it comes to the selection, because the latest version may not be the right version for you. This happens if you are running an old Android device — that too with an older version of software. So, we badly need to have a look at the available versions of Show Box App for Android phones and tablet PCs.

ShowBox Updates

- Latest Version of ShowBox for Android — v4.81 — Download

- ShowBox for Android — v4.73 — Download

- ShowBox for Android — v4.71 — Download

- ShowBox for Android — v4.66 — Download

- ShowBox for Android — v4.08 — Download

These are the major older versions and the updated version of Show Box App you can download right now. The process is a lot simpler than you expect. If you take a look, you can understand that all the installation files are pretty small to be downloaded. So, if you have a comparatively newer device with you, you can download the latest version of ShowBox and get the job done. On the other hand, if you are running an older version of Android, more steps may be needed. First, you will have to download and try installing the latest version. If that does not work, you can try the older versions. If you’ve a standard-speed internet connection, this would be done in no time, for sure.

Another thing to be noted that ShowBox App has an in-built option for automated updates. If there is a newer version of the app available, you will be notified instantly. Without following these steps again, the app will automatically download the latest APK file and do the installation. This is a time-saver feature as long as you are concerned about running latest version of everything. That’s a good habit too, because you don’t have to miss any features just because you happen to have an older app version.

The advantage here is that, even if there are some bugs with a newer release, the patches will be released as instantly. All you have to do is to use some internet resources for downloading those files. We hope the availability aspect of different APK files is clear to you from all aspects.

Now, it’s time to address the several issues you may have once you start using ShowBox on a regular basis.

Common Problems and Fixes in ShowBox for Android

We have found out the two common issues faced by people; and, yes, we have clear-cut answers for fixing them too.

Issue #1 — Unfortunately, ShowBox has Stopped

This is one of the commonest errors reported by ShowBox app for Android devices. Unfortunately, the problem has been found in various versions, including the newer and older ones. But, the reason behind this problem is so simple and you’ll be able to fix it in no time.

To fix the issue, follow the steps given below. We are going really brief here.

1. Go to Settings and choose the ‘App Manager’ interface from the menu.

2. Now, you would be able to see the list of apps you have downloaded and installed.

3. From the menu, you have to choose ‘ShowBox App’

4. In the upcoming menu, you can find a lot of options but you have to spot ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’.

5. Tap on both the options, whereupon App Data and App Cache will be cleared.

After a few seconds, try opening ShowBox App again. It should be working perfectly fine. Because ShowBox has nothing to do with accounts or registration, it’s going to be fine. We think fixing of this issue won’t take more than a few seconds from your time. By the end of those seconds, you can resume watching your favourite films or TV series.

Issue #2 — Video Not Available Error

This error happens when the selected file isn’t available on the desired server or if there are some issues with processing. Don’t worry, the fix is quite simple than you would expect it to. This error is one of the reasons why we have provided you a list of the available versions of the ShowBox App for Android. Just follow the steps to get over this error.

1. Make sure that you are running the latest version of ShowBox. If you haven’t, you can check the ShowBox APK in the above section. So, if you are running an older version, upgrade it.

2. Now, when you see the ‘Video Not Available’ message, go to the options and change ‘Server A to Server B’.

3. Because you have changed the source server, it should start working.

4. If this does not work, you can try clearing Cache and Data, as you had done in the previous Error Fix.

ShowBox Server Selection

Hopefully, these steps would help you to get over the issue, in least amount of time. This is a simple issue with simpler fix.

If you noticed, these two are the only issues you would come across while using ShowBox for Android, regardless device or the version of Android. With a bit of generalization, we can say that ShowBox is completely error-free. At the least, you won’t become irritated by the unusable property. We think that’s something awesome to be expected from a free movie-streaming app.

Frequently Asked Questions about ShowBox and ShowBox Download

We understand that some people are still confused about using ShowBox in Android phone and about the installation step to be followed. To get you a clear idea, we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions about this app as well as the service. We hope you will be confident enough to do the installation at the end of this FAQ session. Shall we start with the basic questions and queries, then?

Q1. Do I have to pay for ShowBox or its Services?

No, you don’t have to pay for ShowBox, in any possible manner. The application is completely free to use, as in Free Food. There is no type of charges involved for the installation or continuous use of ShowBox application. When compared to all the other free-movies apps out there, you don’t have to provide account details or your Credit Card details for the use of the service. Also, we noticed that the amount of advertisement is pretty low too. At the least, you won’t end up in seeing more advertisements than the films. In short, we can see ShowBox is the completely free movie-streaming and downloads app you can install with confidence.

Q2. Is ShowBox Safe to Use?

If you ask us personally, ShowBox is one of the safest Android applications we have tried. Despite not being available in a Play Store listing, there is no need to worry about its safety. It’s because you are downloading the official APK file from an authentic source, endorsed by the own developers and operators of the ShowBox service. That having said, if you are still doubtful, you can check out the permissions required by the app while installing. It requires nothing else than the basic set of connectivity options and device details. We think these reasons are enough for you to go for ShowBox with the best level of confidence.

Q3. Can I Use Other Apps for Streaming?

This is another question most people have. It’s a fact that ShowBox comes with a default media player, which you can use. That having said, you will be able to use third-party apps for the same purpose. You can make the selection in the Options section of the application, before you tap the ‘Watch’ button. This is up to your choice, but we recommend using apps like MX Player or something else trusted.

Q4. How can I stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast?

To do this, you will have to download a third-party Android app with streaming capabilities. LocalCast free is our choice if you ask us for a recommendation. So, you have to choose LocalCast as the default player in the ShowBox interface. Then, while launching the app, you can see an option to stream the content into devices like Chromecast and Xbox, along with other DLNA-supported devices out there. As we come to the case of Chromecast, make sure that your Android phone and the Chromecast device has been connected to the same wireless network.

Q5. Is ShowBox available for iOS?

The answer is a bit complex here for some reason. First of all, ShowBox isn’t available for iOS devices in the same name. in fact, you can have all the benefits of ShowBox in iOS as well, if you can use the app named Movie Box. There too, you have the options for downloading and streaming content with the utmost quality.

Q6. Can I Install ShowBox for Android from Play Store?

No, you cannot do that. Due to some restrictions in Play Store, the application isn’t available in Google Play Store. If you search on Google Play Store, you may end up in some unrelated applications, which isn’t a good thing. That having said, it is possible to install ShowBox using the direct ShowBox APK file, which we have given above. Depending on the device and related support terms, you can download and install the ShowBox app using an appropriate APK file. All the files are from trusted sources and have been verified by experts. So, as a basic user, you don’t have to worry about safety or malicious codes or anything of that sort.

Q7. Is ShowBox Movie Library Big?

This is a must-ask question when you are passionate about finding the movies that you love. And, the answer is a big YES. You will be able to find almost all types of films from the huge collection of ShowBox. We will do a detailed section about this later, by the way. In practice, we were able to find almost all the films that we searched for, including Interstellar by Christopher Nolan and even some indie-favourite films. The case is same for TV Series as well. There was a wide variety of series content in the collection, pertaining to different categories like Comedy, Thriller and a lot. So, summing up, we can say the ShowBox content collection is just awesome.

Q8. Is ShowBox User Friendly?

Another big YES is the answer here. When we first started using it, we had no trouble with navigation or selection. Almost everything and fine and we got completely used to it in a few days. So, in short, we can say that ShowBox is quite friendly for most people, even when you have no previous experience with streaming and downloading apps.

We hope these FAQ Session is enough to clear all your doubts about ShowBox and Downloads. Now, we will go to the other aspects of the app. We also hope things are clear about the functioning, payment, features and everything else in the ShowBox scenario.

ShowBox Movies — an Overview

This is something you would be concerned about, whenever you come to a free movie app. It’s a matter of fact that most of so-called free movie-streaming apps are somewhat limited in terms of content availability. While some apps need you to be satisfied with lesser-known titles, some just show you the documentary types out there. Yes, there are some people who may love to watch documentaries and indie dramas. But, as far as we have heard from our community, most need a platform for watching and downloading blockbusters, popular films and critically acclaimed one. And, as a group of movie freaks who have used almost all the movie-streaming apps in the market, we can say something: ShowBox is offering the best collection of films, no matter what you are looking for. We know the usual words won’t convince you about this. So, we decided to get you an example-based case, considering the best films we loved and whether we found them in the big collection of ShowBox movies. We also believe that many of your favourite films are there in our considered list.

- Many Genres to Choose From

This is one of the features that made us truly attracted towards the movie collection of ShowBox. We often have the habit of searching and finding the best movies according to the particular genre. And, we have been able to find almost all the types of genres in the application. Let’s take some examples here, for better understanding. In the movies section, you will be able to find genres like Action, Adventure, Animation, Anime, Biography, Christmas, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Film-Noir, History, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Reality TV, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sport, Thriller, War and Western. We hope the list is quite compelling for almost all people who are addicted to movies. These are the very same categories that we used to browse through when spending time on IMDB and other movie-freaks’ sites. To get such a wide variety of film content, you just have to do the ShowBox App Download.

ShowBox Movie Updates

- The Rich Collection

We know the collection isn’t just about having a huge number of genres or categories. It’s also about how rich is the entire collection so that you won’t be disappointed when you want to watch a film. And, this is an area where ShowBox excels if compared to the other movie-streaming apps in town, including the paid ones. It’s a fact that you may have to miss those exclusive content that you would have seen in Netflix or Prime. That having said, the overall collection consists of almost every movie you wold ever want to watch. We will have a sneak peek on the notable flicks in each collection.

Suppose we want to watch some stunning movies in the Adventure genre. So, what we have to do is to select ‘Adventure’ from the drop-down menu of ShowBox Movies tab. And, in the current scenario, we would find a lot of movies — including The Magnificent Seven, Storks, Inferno, The BFG, Finding Dory, Suicide Squad, Ice Age Collision Course, The Jungle Book, Robinson Crusoe, The Secret Life of Pets etc. While these are the newly-released adventure flicks, there is a fully-fledged collection of comparatively-old movies as well. it’s completely up to you to make the selection.

ShowBox New Films

In another instances, you may want to find a list of films that have been released in 2016, so as to make sure that you are not missing anything in the long run. In that case, you have a huge set of films to check out, such as Deepwater Horizon, Barry, Denial, Tri, I AM Bolt, Blue Jay, Pet, Morgan, Sully, Finding Dory, The BFG etc. The same richness had helped us when we wanted to have an unleashed watching session of our favourite animation ShowBox movies. Because all these titles are available in 720p Quality, the movie experience was something commendable for sure. At the least, we did not regret about watching the films in a pathetic condition.

- Regular Updates

We had mentioned this as one of the best features we had found in ShowBox for Android. it does not matter which type of film genre you are interested in; the entire collection will be updated on a regular basis. According to what we recall, a number of popular films were available in ShowBox after a few weeks of release, and that too was in 720p quality. That is something impressive for those who hate going to theatres and paying the extra money. Our situation was that we don’t get films new films released in this area on a quick basis. So, we used to wait a few weeks more to have the same films available in ShowBox library and stream them. Because we had a Chromecast connected and set up, bringing the streams to TV Screen was an easy task too.

Well, there are some additional features when you want to stay tuned to the updates. As we mentioned earlier, there is a section named ‘My Updates’ in ShowBox App for Android. in that section, you can find a chronological order of the new films that have been added. The best part is that you can find the particular date of update. For instance, as you can see in the screenshots, Deepwater Horizon was added on 20th December 2016. This is a great feature when you want to make sure that you are not missing a single movie from the huge collection. Personally speaking, we spend a lot of time here, checking as new films are added.

As we have noticed many times, ShowBox Movies maintain a basic standard. So, we are pretty much confident to stream or download the movie if we find it in ShowBox collection.

TV Series in ShowBox — What’s Airing?

As we mentioned earlier, ShowBox features a huge-enough collection of TV Series as well. there are some favourite series content we will never want to miss, at any case. With the ShowBox App installed, we don’t have to worry about them — since they will be available for streaming, anytime and anywhere. This is something we love about the whole working too.

For instance, if we take the case of existing TV Shows, there are a lot. Personally speaking, we are big fans of FRIENDS and have the habit of watching the episodes again and again. At the same time, we have the habit of listening to newly-added and released TV Series. West World is one of the content group that we always give preference too. We were able to find both these things in the TV Series section of ShowBox, which is pretty amazing.

- Categories that Matter

We have the same set of genres we had seen in Movies section when you want to filter what you are watching in ShowBox for Android. The list includes History, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action, Thriller, War etc. In the adventure part, we have a huge collection of TV Series content, including Flash, Arrow, Naruto, Pokémon, Timeless and the most popular in the list being the Game of Thrones. If you are into Comedy TV Series, you can have The Simpsons, Family Guy, Fuller House, FRIENDS etc. One thing worth noting here is that ShowBox is bringing you some Netflix original series as well. for instance, you can find the popular drama series named House of Cards, which happens to be a Netflix original. So, in short, you won’t have trouble in finding the originals even when you don’t have a paid subscription of Netflix or any other TV series, for that matter.

ShowBox TV Series Updates

The case of updates is somewhat similar to that of Movies. Because TV Series content are on regular basis, you would be able to get the newer updates quickly. This is a noticeable perk when you cannot wait for the next episode. We still remember the good days when we got the latest Game of Thrones episodes in a better way. So, we were able to get onto the show without letting the spoilers do their job.

Another feature we loved in ShowBox is the ‘My Updates’ section for TV Series. If you really love a current TV Series, you will be able to mark it as a favourite. Then, all the updates will be there on the section. When you think it’s time to catch up with the newer episodes, you can go to the My Updates section and start watching. Because all the episodes have been organized so well, you won’t have trouble in accessing them either.

ShowBox My Updates

Considering all these points, we really loved the TV Series section of the ShowBox collection. It’s wider, extensive and does include titles from almost every category. We think that’s enough for most of your TV Series needs out there.

Show Box App — Some User Testimonials

We know different people need different things from a movie-streaming app. So, we decided to bring you some random user testimonials about this app.

“ShowBox is the app I use most on my Android smartphone. I have been using this application for more than few months, and have been satisfied with the service. For me, it’s quite helpful for catching up with the TV Series content I’ve missed in the past weeks or something. What I do is that I connect the ShowBox app to Chromecast and stream content to my fully-fledged TV Screen. This is an awesome viewing experience, thanks to 720p quality” — Matt, an Accountant.

ShowBox Quality

“I’m quite thankful to John, who suggested the ShowBox app for me, and showed me the right links for ShowBox APK Download and all. At the end of day, I keep recommending this app for every movie-freak I come across. They are an incredible team and I love the collection of movies very much. I hadn’t been to theatres for watching Sully, because this movie was available after a few days of release. This is something I love most about the app” — Amanda, a Student

“If not for the quality and smooth working, I love ShowBox for the regularly-updated collection of TV Series. I’m a huge fan and follower of the Game of Thrones Series. And, I spend even some whole days watching a particular season, back to back. Because I travel a lot, it’s not always possible to keep the whole collection in my device. So, at those times, ShowBox becomes quite handy and I use it on a regular basis. I love this app”. — Tanya, a Solo Traveller

“Joan has been using ShowBox for a long time, and she talked about the app when I asked her what it is. Being a movie freak, I took no further time for installing this app in my device and getting started. Since then, ShowBox has been my ultimate destination and streaming solution for both movies and TV Series. Of course, I’m a fan of the usually-updated collection of both type of content and I have plenty of reasons to stay tuned to the app. For instance, thanks to the My Updates section, I’m not missing even a single episode of my favourite TV Series, which are huge” — Josh, aspirant actor.

“On top of all, I’m thankful to the website where I found the working links for ShowBox APK and some error fixes. Since then, I have been able to use this application without any type of glitch. This works along with the huge collection of movies and TV Series that I count on. For me, it’s more than a simple Android app. It’s my mobile cinema, which saves a lot of money from my wallet too” — Clint, a Movie-Bluff.

“ShowBox is my favourite app in the huge collection of Android apps I have. It’s because I have a special care for movies and sub-genres. At the end of the day, I can find almost any film/TV Series that I’m looking for, which is a matter of awesomeness”. — Sam, a random user.

These are some things common in all these Show Box user reviews. Most of them do love the huge collection of films, for the versatility. At the least, you won’t end up in trouble searching for the apps you love. The abovementioned reasons are same factors why we love ShowBox and keep recommending it for all our friends as well as visitors.

Show Box App Vs Other Movie Streaming Apps

Well, yeah, there are many other free movie-streaming apps you can get for Android devices. So, it’s natural if you happen to be confused over the selection. Some of you might be thinking whether ShowBox is better than all those apps. We do understand the fact that there are personal preferences and priorities to take care of. Even then, as far as movie lovers are concerned, there are some common factors of consideration. Depending on those, we will have an overall comparison between ShowBox app and other movie-streaming apps like Crackle, Tubi TV and CinemaBox. We will consider factors like the availability of video content.

- Availability of Films

This is an unquestionable area for ShowBox App for Android. We have already talked about the wideness of collection in the above sections. You will be able to find a wide variety of films in ShowBox, no matter the genre you are looking for. If you are into non-commercial films, you can also find some stunning documentaries in the collection of ShowBox. It’s kind of all-serving, in short.

When it comes to Crackle, there are some commercial movies. However, you cannot find any commercially-successful film collections in the app. For instance, you cannot even think of having Christopher Nolan’s Inception in the collection from Crackle. That having said, you may have access to some Crackle originals, which isn’t useful for most users. Case of Tubi TV is something same. In Tubi TV, you can have some indie-favourite movies but the availability of commercial ones will be an issue for sure.

However, CinemaBox for Android is an exception here. It’s not available in Play Store but offers a huge collection of films and TV Series. This is one of the recommended ShowBox alternative from our side.

- Streaming Capabilities

One thing about ShowBox is that it offers good support for third-party players. If you can get LocalCast Free, streaming the content to device you like is an easy task. This is not the best streaming option, but you get the job done.

The advantage of other apps like Crackle and Tubi TV is the integrated options for streaming. Without using third-party set of streaming apps, you will be able to stream the Crackle content to any device you like. This is a good thing if you’ve a bunch of DLNA and Streaming devices at your home.

- Pricing

This is where the main difference comes to the scene. As we have told you many times, ShowBox is completely free to use for any purpose. There are no in-app purchases, premium packages or anything. At the least, you won’t see those quite-annoying pop-ups for upgrading to the plans. Once you have installed the app, you have access to the entire collection of movies and TV Series, which is a good thing.

In both Crackle and Tubi TV, there are premium packages. So, chances are, when you try to access some films, you would see that pop-up for paid upgrade. This isn’t good for many reasons. First of all, you may have to make some purchases for the complete access to the collection of movie content. Also, the user-experience isn’t so good here. CinemaBox is, once again, an exception, due to the availability of free-of-cost package.

- Installation

This can be a problem with ShowBox, but not when you are using our ShowBox Download links and the APK file. It takes a few seconds from your minute for downloading and installing the ShowBox APK file and start streaming. We don’t think it’s going to be a big deal for most Android users out there. The same is the case with CinemaBox, and it’s not available in Google Play Store.

Nevertheless, other apps like Crackle and Tubi TV are available in Google Play Store. At least some of you may find it cool to download and install the application directly from Play Store. So, this is the only perk we found with these apps. But, once again, we don’t mind spending a few more minutes to have an unprecedented collection of movies and TV Series.

- Usability

No bar, ShowBox is the most user-friendly Android app for movie-streaming needs of yours. Because you don’t have to create an account, it takes just a few seconds to set up ShowBox and start streaming. Even then, there are ample options for personalized updates and program tracking. Also, the UI has been kept so minimal that it gets loaded in no time. We’d also consider the advanced streaming options.

Other popular streaming apps are not that straightforward in the case of usability. In all of them, you will have to make an account; some may even ask you for credit card details, which we don’t find good for transparency. Also, in light of our experience, we would say such apps aren’t up to the mark in terms of functionality. The UI takes time to load and if you are not familiar with previous apps, navigation would be a big problem for both.

ShowBox UI

At the end of the day, we have many reasons to prefer ShowBox to the other free movie-streaming apps. We do understand the fact that availability and installation can be a problem to some of our visitors. Even then, there are no big issues in the installation process of ShowBox for Android. In the long run, we are so impressed by the huge collection of movies and TV Series you get in ShowBox that we don’t want to go back either.

Moreover, it should be noted that you’re not paying ANYTHING for the ShowBox app or service. Nor will you have to see those annoying ads between playback. It’s a good advantage if you are looking for a seamless movie-streaming experience. We also think you can consider the other features into account, such as the 720p HD Quality streaming and the options for customizability. It’s pretty amazing how the app is functioning so well, even without the systems of account.

Show Box App — Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the important pros and cons of ShowBox for Android.


    • It’s completely free to Download ShowBox APK and use it
    • You have an unrestricted collection of movies and TV Series
    • The UI is so simple for all users
    • In-built Sharing capabilities are good for most users
    • Collection of movies and TV Series is regularly updates and you won’t miss any episodes or newly-released flicks.
    • Support for streaming content to Chromecast
    • Advanced Playback Features and third-party Media Player Support
    • In-built Subtitle Support


  • Not available in Play Store [Not an issue, because you have plenty of other ways]

Summing Up — The Bottom Line on ShowBox

Now, it’s time to make some final decisions about the ShowBox app for Android. We have been using the service and app for a huge time-period and we have enough experience to talk about it too. It’s worth noting that we have also tried both the free and paid free-streaming apps like Netflix, Prime, Tubi TV, Crackle and a lot more. It’s after being disappointed by all these apps that we came across ShowBox, which we did really love.

In terms of features, ShowBox is offering a lot. For instance, we loved the advanced set of playback features and in-built support for subtitles. These have been quite helpful when we wanted to enjoy some foreign-language films and others in the ShowBox collection. For instance, they have been helpful while we were watching Anime content.

Similarly, it’s worth noting that the complete free-of-cost nature of ShowBox makes enough sense. Not even once did we have to see annoying advertisements for upgrades or in-app purchases.

In the end, this app is not just better than others, but the best for the purpose. It’s just that you will have to download the right ShowBox APK file for installation and setting up. So, happy Show Box App experience, folks.

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